Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is an example of my "Art Prayers"  where I combine art, photography, recycled cards and materials into these creative and inspirational reminders. I started to hang them in my bedroom so I can look at it and constantly be reminded and inspired.....


So I have been posting in other areas for a few years now trying to establish myself as an artist and become known. Not for fame but for acknowledgement and recognition perhaps for myself. I have been creating a lot and really connecting with my intuition. I began creating a daily collage back in February 2013 and this practice and process has evolved into what I am now calling "Art Prayers". This is how and where I connect with myself and something greater and maybe even something even larger then that....I can feel and connect and trust the process in a way that I have really practiced and I feel so grateful for this process. When I am connected I can really feel and trust on a much different level. I can honor those feelings and intuitions. It is amazing when I have the intuition to just trust and not do anything and then boom something happens and something shifts in ways that I had no idea could or would happen. I am grateful today for all my angels and all my experiences. I am grateful for my parents and my childhood. I am grateful for all of the lessons I have learned. I am grateful for all my friends and family that have been there through good times and not so good times. I am so grateful for all of my life experienced because they have made me who I am in this moment. I am excited again about my life. These shifts shed a little light and hope that things will work out just fine and I do not have to do anything except trust. For many years you want something or you think you want something and it does not happen. Perhaps your sad or disappointed but perhaps because this is not it... what you have been waiting for is still ahead of you. I am grateful for this place that I can write and express my feelings. I "believe" has been a theme in my art for months and months. Maybe I needed to go through all of these experiences and maybe I had to get to a certain point for me to realize. Sometimes my Dad used to call me this Italian words which sounds like Gabbadoust which means "Thick Head" and I have always been that way. Perhaps because I am the baby of the family or perhaps I am a brat but regardless I am always reminded that you cannot always get what you want and Thank God you can't! So many times this has happened and so many times he has sent the message from heaven No Annie this is not for you. I have been told by many people the same thing but I had to see it and experience it for myself- Thank you Dad! Lesson learned, I heard you loud and clear and Thank you for moving the obstacles so I can move forward with ease. I know you are there for me as it Uncle Frank, Aunt Mary, Aunt Jo, Aunt Rita, Nanny and Grandpa....Thank you for all you have done for me on earth and in heaven. I am grateful.....

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have found my creative voice

It has been a while since my last blog for many reasons but I am back again and I am interested in sharing.

Friday, October 29, 2010

My blog is moving! Now my blog and my business are all together. So come on over and enjoy my postings at http://www.explorationsincreativity.com/blog/

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oaks Zen Rocks

Last Sunday I sat in the warmth of the sun and looked out at this image. I felt such peace and serenity. I felt so good that I spent the day sitting with my friend doing art. What a wonderful day to enjoy before the cold of fall and winter are upon us. I felt as if all was balanced in my life. I felt blessed to be able to be here and enjoy this moment. Much of the rest of my week was very different- filled with a lot of stress and pressure. Pressure to do do do for work and school. Stress and pressure from other people outside of myself who unfortunately can impact your life. I became sick from all of the stress. Sick and angry that other people are not doing the right thing. Angry that other people and their dysfunctional behaviors can effect me and my life. What don't other people stand up for themselves or their family members? Why can't other people be responsible and do the right thing? I am so tired of drama and excuses. I am so tired of living a life that is all about doing things that I do not want to do. What can be controlled and what is out of our control? Is it about trusting that everything is going to be ok. Is it trusting in other people to do the right thing when they typically stick their head in the sand to avoid life and situations? Is it about acceptance? I lost my balance. I lost what I know to be the balance in my life... Am I codependent and sensitive? Here is what I read in my daily spiritual guide for today October 23:
If you find yourself in a situation which is hard to accept and love, there is always something you can do about it if you want to: for as you go into the silence and seek Me, I will shed the light of truth on the situation. I will reveal to you why you are where you are, and why you are doing what you are doing. You may be sure that there is a very good reason for it and that there are vitally important lessons to be learnt. Until you change your attitude and learn to love where you are, who you are with and what you are doing, you will have to remain in that situation. As soon as those lessons have been learnt and you truly love what you are doing and do it wholeheartedly for Me and My sake, then you will move on to something else. Watch love open all doors for you.


This is an image from the bark of an old tree at the Oaks. It reminds me of all of the things we have experienced. The outside image of ourselves is the same way. What is the image you show other people? What is it about our outside appearances that are so important. I think who you are on the inside is what matters most but much of society is so focused on the outside. What does is matter how beautiful or handsome someone is if they are a jerk. Why does society put so much emphasis on this? Are we all worried what everyone else thinks of us? What about who we really are? What do we see and feel when we look in the mirror each night. What is of value to you? At this point in my life your looks and body are nice to look at but I need so much more. I need to talk, relate and connect to other people. If I cannot do that then I do not care what you look like. I need depth, honesty and real people in my life. Why do people pretend to be someone different then who they really are? Are they ashamed about who they are? Why can't you be real? This bark has seen and lived through so much and it's beauty and character are created by all of these experiences. Can you be who you are? Can you be real? Who can you be real with? Men? Women? Family? Spouse? It is great to find out who you are and to be comfortable with yourself. I have no time for phony people. Can you show the world your real outside bark of who you are based on all of your experiences? Do you have to make yourself up to be loved by others. I am not against makeup or trying to look good and make the best of yourself. I am tired of having to do or be something or someone I am not. I do not have time. I think part of my own beauty is being authentic and I value this in others. I know who I am and have done a lot of work to figure out who I am and what makes me happy. I do not have time for living someone else's life. It is time to embrace who I am and what I love and let the other things go.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My first letter to Politicians

October 16, 2010

Dear Suzi Oppenheimer,

I am writing to bring to your attention the reality of the concerned New Yorkers and the issues within the community. I am a fifty year old woman who has lived here most of her life and has paid bills, taxes, mortgage, rent, food, entertainment etc. I have grown up in a people business and providing goods and services to customers and clients in one form or another to earn a living.
My standard of living continues to decrease because there are less and less customers in the Westchester and Long Island region. My career in electronic hardware sales for the last twenty years has become increasingly difficult because most of the manufacturing has left New York. In the early 1990’s there were many OEM companies here who were able to employ many people. Each of these OEM’s provided the workforce with manufacturing, office staff and management jobs. Due to high taxes and the cost of living here these companies had to leave and find cheaper labor and manufacturing costs. Most of these companies are now in China and we have seen this trend throughout the country.
Since the downturn in the economy about two years ago, I have had to spend less and less money. We used to socialize over dinner and wine and now most of the time we have cut a lot of that out. We used to shop and buy clothes but with less money we spend less on clothes and home goods. We continue to live with less and less to get by. The dream of owning your own home has become more and more of a burden to afford the high prices and taxes. We stopped spending money on holiday gifts because we just do not have it. People are forced to leave their homes because they can no longer afford them. People are spending less money and just trying to survive and it does not appear as though government is doing anything to attract new businesses in New York. I love NY and NYC museums but now the cost of the train and food makes it more difficult to spend a day in the city.
This letter is not a sob story; it is a wake up call for the working people and what is going to come of this. Many people are in the same boat and there is less consumer spending on goods and entertainment. For many years, I have worked on my own to continue my education and find new ways to support myself. I went back to school at night and earned my BS in SUNY schools. I am attending a Masters program in NY to change careers and find new ways to employ myself. I have started my own business to promote my own services so I do not have to rely on anyone else to provide employment. The problem is that other people also do not have any business either and then I cannot sell them anything. If other people to not have expendable income then they cannot pay for my programs for their children. If there is less and less funding to programs, there is less and less jobs and the cycle continues. What do we need to do to change this downward spiral? We are looking to you as our leaders to make decisions for all of us and our futures. It appears as through the rich are getting richer and the middle class is slipping away and nothing is being done about it. It appears as though the rising cost of living in NY is just getting worse not better. I hope that you can make changes for the people and our future instead of just improving your own financial situation.

Thank you, Ann Marie DeLuca

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Saturday, October 02, 2010


Just when the caterpiller thought the world was over, it became a butterfly....

The questions

We can easily practice peace during the wonderful moments in life but yoga asks us to equally embrace the difficult moments.
Santosa asks us to be still with faith...an open mind and an open heart.
Where does your mind go when things are going well? Where does your mind go when things are hard? Can the moment be enough?


When you feel reluctant to change think of Autumn.